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  • Solar Energy has been used by mankind for a long time. However technology has evolved from using Solar Energy for natural drying to cookers to Solar Water Heaters and now Solar Photo Voltaic for Power Generation.

    Photo Voltaic Solar has been in use on a smaller scale for eg. in Watches, Calculators and Lanterns. Photo Voltaic Solar Power Projects is a relatively new and emerging concept in the Indian context. However Solar Photo Voltaic Power Projects have been in use for Power Generation on a very large scale across Europe and USA.

    Ironically PV Solar has seen tremendous growth in several Nations which do not receive adequate Solar Energy or good radiation viz., Germany. It is thus no surprise that India - which receives one of the best Solar radiations - will utilize Solar Energy in a big way in the times to come. Major part of Utilization would be focused on Solar Power Generation through Solar Photo Votlaic Power Projects due to huge power deficit. Further more Solar Photo Voltaic also has various distinct advantages in general. In fact Solar Photo Voltaic also over other Renewable Technologies.

    PV Solar Power can be and would be used at various levels :

    • Individual House-hold level for Captive Use
    • Community level for Captive Use
    • Mini Grid for Rural Areas
    • Industrial level for Captive Use and Grid-feed
    • Utility level for Grid-feed

    Photo Voltaic Solar Projects will thus find application in a variety of areas as mentioned above. PV Solar offers a variety of benefits not over just conventional power plants but also over other renewable technologies.

    In Solar Energy Power Projects specifically Solar Photo Voltaic Power we offer End-to-End Services and hence become the One-Stop-Shop for PV Solar Power Project. We execute PV Solar Energy Power Projects on Turnkey or EPC Basis. The video presentation for the same can be seen in our Solar Video Gallery. We take the pleasure in mentioning that several leading Industrial Plants in India are now being offered our Services for Solar Power Projects.

    Our Services for Turnkey and EPC Execution of PV Solar Power Projects includes all the components from Design, Engineering and upto execution of the Solar Power Project. In general our activities in Photo Voltaic Solar Power Projects include (but are not limited to) :

    1. Site Assessment for Feasibility + Viability of PV Solar Power, Report Submission and Knowledge Sharing.
    2. Technical Advisory Consultancy regarding Technical Feasibility,  Technology Selection, Site Conditions etc.
    3. Commercial Advisory regarding Financing Options, Project Costing. Vendor Comparison etc.
    4. Policy Advisory regarding various Incentives and Subsidies for Solar Power Projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) and other State-level policies.
    5. Basic and Detailed Engineering.
    6. Project Viability and Feasibility Report.
    7. Detailed Project Report.
    8. Complete Engineering & Design of PV Solar Power System.
    9. System Integration and Project Commissioning.
    10. Project Management including - Site Management, Vendor Management, Sub-Contracting etc.
    11. Testing and Stabilization of Operations.
    12. Operation & Maintenance - Remote and / or Onsite.

    In general we offer complete services from Concept to Commissioning of a Solar Photo Voltaic Power Project. You may visit our section on Solar Energy to know more about the basics of Solar Energy. We regularly update our Solar Energy Blog with latest Articles etc. In case you wish to keep yourself updated on the latest news on Solar Energy you may like to Follow our Facebook Page or Follow us on Twitter.

    We are Solar Energy PV Solar Power Consultants to Industry Leaders for offering Expert Advisory and Consultancy on how they can monetize from un-utilized rooftop and adjoining land and also answer the burgeoning power problem.

    If you wish to get a quote for our Comprehnesive Solar Consultancy Package  or if you have any query about Solar Energy or if you wish to obtain a quotation for a PV Solar Power Project execution on Turnkey or EPC basis please feel free to Contact Us.