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  • Solar Projects

  • This section lists down Solar projects available for sale including Land for sale / long-term lease / PPA / Large-scale rooftop. If you are interested in any of the sites / projects below you can simply mail us on solar@econserve.in

    To post your submission simply drop a mail to solar@econserve.in with complete details

      • AVAILABLE Operational 10 MW Solar Project

                       10 MW Solar Project available in M.P. for sale. Attractive tariff.

      • 150 Acres in Haryana

        150 Acres in Haryana available for long-term lease for Solar Project. Site is less than 100km from Delhi.

      • 200 Acres in Karnataka

        200 Acres available for Solar project in Karnataka. Land could be given on long-term lease with transfer option.

      • Required 10 MW Solar 3rd Party Client in Gujarat (RPO)

        Industrial Client looking for purchase of 10 MW Solar Project through Open Access power purchase to meet RPO Obligation.

      • 150 Acres in Maharashtra
        150 Acres available for ground-mounted Solar Project in Maharashtra. Land would be given on long-term lease of 25 years.
      • AVAILABLE 5 MW OPERATIONAL PV Solar Project for Sale in Gujarat
        5 MW PV Solar Project for Sale in Gujarat. Attractive tariff of INR 15.0 per kWh.
      • AVAILABLE 1 MW PV Solar Project for Sale in Gujarat
        1 MW PV Solar Project for Sale in Gujarat. PPA at INR 6.5 per kWh.
      • AVAILABLE 1000 to 2000 Acres in M.P.

        Land bank of 1000 to 2000 Acres is available for a Solar Project in M.P. Located at high Solar radiation zone and at a competitive price. ATTRACTIVE RATES including all clearances.

      • AVAILABLE PPA 3 MW to 20 MW Solar under Farmer Policy in Karnataka

        PPA with tariff of iNR 8.4 (ground) per kWh and INR 9.56 (rooftop) is available in Karnataka. Some of the projects are co-located and can be bought in bulk.

      • AVAILABLE - 5 MW to 20 MW Solar PPA in Telangana
        There are 4 x 5 MW PPAs available for sale in Telangana. The projects are shovel ready with land and all necessary clearances and approvals in place.