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  • Trade Corner

  • Trade Corner serves to match buyers with sellers on various projects related to (but not limited to) :

    1. Solar Power Projects
    2. Energy Saving Projects
    3. Industrial Equipment
    4. Power Trading (Buying and Selling of Power )

    To post your requirement of Buy / Sell - simply send us a mail on info@econserve.in with subject as "Trade Corner"

    To check current listings please go to the following pages :

    • Solar Projects: For your interest in buying / selling of Solar Photo Voltaic Projects. These projects are backed either by Government PPAs or Private PPAs. Also there are some land banks available for sale or long-term lease.
    • Industrial Equipment: For your interest in buying / selling of used Industrial equipment including
      1. Electrical Equipment (Transformers, Switchgears, HT Motors, Turbines, Drives etc.)
      2. Thermal Equipment (Boilers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers etc.)
      3. Process related Equipment (Kiln, Furnace etc.)