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Energy Audit Blog

Energy Audit - How much Energy can your plant save?

(Energy Audit can save energy and the energy saved in a plant or a commercial facility depends on various factors. This article is about factors affecting energy saving through Energy Audit.)

Energy Audit - Top 5 Reasons to go for it

(Energy Audit is the first step in the direction of Energy Optimization. This article is about Top 5 Reasons a plant or commercial facility should go for Energy Audit)

Does Energy Audit really save energy?

(The most common question in Energy Optimization world is whether an Energy Audit really saves Energy. This post attempts to answer this question.)

What is Energy Audit?

(Gives an overview to anyone who is looking for information on Energy Audit and what exactly does Energy Audit cover.)

Industrial Energy Audit - a perspective

(Industrial Plants are major consumers of Energy in the form of Electrical Power and Fuel. Energy thus forms a crucial component of Production costs. With significant increase in Energy Costs it is imperative for Industrial plants to undergo Energy Audit.)

What is Electrical Energy Audit?

(Electrical Power forms a major component in the energy consumption for an Industrial Plant. Electrical Energy Audit thus becomes imperative as it deals with reduction in Electrical Power Consumption through Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency)

Energy Audit Checklist

(The Energy Audit Checklist is for Energy Auditors looking for information on what an Energy Audit should ideally consist of. The checklist proves as an ideal tool to signoff an Energy Audit.)

New age Industrial Energy Audit

(With increasing reliance on fossil fuels it is imperative for everyone to look at Industrial Energy Audit from a new perspective. This post is about New Age Industrial Energy Audit.)

What is Energy Audit Report

(The report submitted at the end of the Energy Audit is referred to as Energy Audit Report. This post gives an overview of what an Energy Audit report should consist of.)

Energy Optimization (Energy Audit) here to stay

(Post about importance of Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency especially in the Indian context and why Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency should be looked at as a long-term goal and a way of life and not just one time activity.)