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Energy Audit can be broadly classified into 2 types -

(Complete details about each type of Energy Audit is given below)

Energy Saving is the objective of Energy Audit. Although the actual energy saving will depend on a variety of factors but energy saving is assured. Based on our observations of 500+ Energy Audits we can confidently achieve 5% to 12% energy saving in a plant. If you are not sure about which Energy Audit is the right one for you, please download the Comparative Analysis PDF (Energy Audit vs Express Energy Audit PDF) from the link given in the section of Express Energy Audit.

Highlights of our Energy Audit Team

  1. All our Energy Audits (including Express Energy Audit) are led by B.E.E. Certified & Accredited Energy Auditor who is a IIT-B alumnus with a 30+ years of Energy Audit Experience.
  2. Our Energy Audit team has varied experience across Industries such as Steel, Cement, Thermal Power Plants, Chemical, FMCG etc. You can find out more about our Clientele here - Enerco Clients
  3. Energy Saving of 5% to 12% can be achieved based on the experience of our Energy Audit team. This figure may vary based on various factors such as plant type, age, time since last energy audit etc.
  4. Energy Audit is carried out under the guidance and presence of B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors and Energy Managers.
  5. Energy Audit team also consists of renewable energy experts, senior engineers, engineers and measurement technicians
  6. We have all the Energy Audit instruments for all types of measurements such as -
    1. Tri-vector Power meter with three clamp on type CTs
    2. Tri-vector Power meter with single clamp on type CT
    3. Flue gas analyzer
    4. Anemometers (various types)
    5. Infra Red Thermographer
    6. Pitot Tube
    7. Digital Manometers
    8. Digital Hygrometers
    9. Ultrasonic Flow Measuring Instrument
    10. Thickness Gauge
    11. Digital thermometer for liquids and surface (contact / non-contact)
    12. Transit time ultrasonic non-contact flow meter for measurement of liquid flow rates
    13. Harmonic Analyzer
    14. Ultrasonic leak detector
    15. Ultrasonic steam trap tester
    16. Lux meter
    17. Drone Thermographer (used for Solar Plant Energy Audit / PRS Audit)

Additionally we also carry out Process Audit for raw material optimization and waste reduction through recovery for Chemical Plants, Processing Plants, Heat treatment plants etc. Mail US NOW to know more about Process Audit and how it could be beneficial to your plant.

Energy Audit In Progress

Energy Audit at a Site in progress


Energy Audit is a detailed study of a plant or facility to explore potential areas for Energy Conservation and Improving Energy Efficiency. Mainly an Energy Audit (especially Industrial Energy Audit) consits of 2 parts - Electrical Energy Audit and Thermal Energy Audit. This exercise is carried out by Certified Energy Auditors who are experts in the field of Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency especially for Industrial Plants.

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency are two terms which are used interchangeably. However the fact is that although the 2 terms are related they are not the same. Energy Conservation refers to arresting or stopping energy wastage by plugging the holes in the system. Whereas Energy Efficiency refers to improvements in the existing system so that it performs more efficiently either by using retrofit equipment or by modifying operational parameters for optimium energy usage.

Electrical Energy Audit primarily consists of study of Electrical Utilities such as Transformers, Power Distribution System, Motors, Power Quality Checks (including Harmonics), Pumps, Compressors etc.

Thermal Energy Audit consists primarily consists of study of Thermal Utilities such as Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Steam Distribution System, Cooling Towers etc. Majority of the savings are possible in this area based on our experience of several Energy Audits across Industries.

Process Audit (if permitted by your Company) can also be undertaken. This is particularly found useful by energy-intensive Industries and Chemical plants. In fact we also have an altogether separate service for Process Audit if you are looking for the same. Contact Us to know more.

For specific Industrial Energy Audit Requirements Thermography of the system is also carried out. Some Industries also need a Power Quality Focus Energy Audit which primarily consists of checking harmonics level in the present power system, analyzing the sources and effects of the same and submitting a report with recommendations of appropriate Harmonic Filters. The next steps include designing and implementation of Harmonic Filters.

(Have you read our blog post on Energy Audit - Energy Saving Guide for Industries?)

Our dedicated team of B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditors and Energy Managers and Experts can reduce energy consumption of any type of unit. We undertake a detailed Energy Audit of your Plant or Facility and recommend Techno-Commercially viable Solutions (including Retrofits) and modifications that are guaranteed to show significant reduction in energy consumption through Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. With our team of Certified Energy Auditors and Energy Managers you can be rest assured that your plant can achieve significant savings.

Our typical scope for Comprehensive Energy Audit scope includes :

  1. Express Energy Audit which is also sometimes known as Walk-through Energy Audit. (This can also be taken up as a separate exercise known as Express Energy Audit., details below).
  2. Onsite Visit for a detailed Study of your Plant / Facility. This includes actual measurements, interaction with plant professionals, analysis of collected data etc.
  3. Post the onsite phase is offsite phase i.e. Preparation of Energy Audit Report with Findings, Analysis, Losses, Savings Calculation, Recommendations etc.
  4. Solution Implementation or Energy Saving Project.
  5. Follow-up visits to carry out Savings Monitoring to prove the savings committed and calculated during Energy Audit and included in Energy Audit Report is actually taking place in the plant.

Generally an Energy Audit is recommended once every 1-2 years depending on size and power consumption of a plant. It is also recommended that a walk-through energy audit be carried out in the plant atleast once a year. An annual walk-through energy audit ensures that plant is performing at an optimum level and Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency becomes a way of life and not just a one time activity. We carry out walk-through Energy Audit as well.

You may also like to view our Energy Audit Blog which is regularly updated with articles and posts about Energy Audit, Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency. Scroll below for Energy Audit Process and how systematically we take this up. Also scroll down to read more about Express Energy Audit and how it could benefit your plant.

Energy Audit Process

Energy Audit step-by-step Process


In case you are only looking for possible Energy Saving through an Energy Audit or are not sure of Comprehensive then you could opt for Express Energy Audit . The express energy audit is carried out by the same team of engineers led by B.E.E. Certified & Accredited Energy Auditor. The only difference is this audit lasts for only 2-5 days (depending on the plant size) and touches upon the basics.

Energy Audit is a comprehensive exercise carried out by plants for energy saving through a detailed study of the plant equipment, load pattern analysis, electrical measurements at various critical load points, thermal measurements, motors, utility study etc. However, many a times a plant would first like to estimate the potential of Energy Saving through Energy Audit rather than going in for a Comprehensive Energy Audit itself. Express Energy Audit is recommended for such plants or for plants which have never carried out Comprehensive Energy Audit or have carried it out long time back.

So what exactly is Express Energy Audit?

About Express Energy Audit and Benefits

Express Energy Audit and it's Benefits

Benefits of Express Energy Audit :

  1. It is carried out by the same team which carries out Detailed Energy Audit i.e. led by B.E.E. Certified Energy Auditor (IIT-B alumnus) and team consists of B.E.E. Certified Manager and Engineers.
  2. Express Energy Audit gives an estimate of energy saving potential of the plant through various discussions carried out with plant people, load pattern analysis, equipment condition analysis etc.
  3. Express Energy Audit enables a plant to decide whether an energy audit will actually yield results or not. It also helps in assessing the right time for undertaking an energy audit.
  4. Express Energy Audit costs a fraction of the cost of a detailed energy audit but enables a plant to get a good insight into it's energy saving potential.
  5. Express Energy Audit could result in some direct savings in electrical and thermal energy in the plant in the visible areas.
  6. For straightforward energy saving proposals we can undertake the same with 100% funding by us on ESCO basis.
(Still not clear which is the right Energy Audit for you? Simply download our FREE comparative analysis between Energy Audit and Express Energy Audit from here - Whitepapers and Case-studies )

Express Energy Audit is Recommended for a plant:

  1. Which is considering detailed energy audit but would first like to know if detailed energy audit at this stage would result in savings or not. Ideally any plant which is planning for energy audit should first get an express energy audit done.
  2. Which has never carried out energy audit but would like to know if there is any energy savings potential in the plant.
  3. Interested in Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency and does not know where to begin.
Express Energy Audit is carried out over a period of 2-5 days (based on plant size) and is carried out by our expert energy team (B.E.E. Accredited Energy Auditor, Solar Expert, Energy Engineers etc.) which is the same team that carries out Detailed / Comprehensive Energy Audit as well.

If you wish to carry out Express Energy Audit of your plant, please do write in to us at

Request for a Quote for Energy Audit or Express Energy Audit by simply downloading our Energy Audit Questionnaire from below link and mailing us the details on

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