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Energy Efficiency

The increasing demand for Power and subsequently Energy has led to considerable consumption of fossil fuels which has had an adverse impact on environment. In this context use of Renewable Energy such as Solar / Wind etc., Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation is of paramount importance.

It is estimated that great deal of Energy can be saved through Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency and hence very critical for a energy-deficit Country like India. It is established that by use of such measures global warming could be reduced to a permissible limit and also benefit all the stakeholders involved especially energy intensive units who could benefit from significant reduction in production costs due to energy conservation and improvement in energy efficiency.

Energy Optimization is a collective term for Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency mainly achieved through Energy Audit.

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency are separate but related concepts. Energy Conservation is achieved when wasteful energy consumption is reduced, measured in physical terms. Energy Conservation can, therefore, be the result of several processes or developments, such as productivity increase or technological progress.

On the other hand Energy Efficiency is achieved when energy intensity in a specific product, process or area of production or consumption is reduced without affecting output, consumption or comfort levels.

Industries should actively consider Energy Conservation Projects (including Periodic Energy Audits and Frequent Walk-through Audits) - as an ongoing activity as it brings in tremendous benefits. Some of the obvious benefits of a Comprehensive Energy Conservation Programme are as follows :

India has Geographical advantage with excellent Solar radiation across the Country. It is thus no rocket Science that Solar Energy will prove to be the single most promising Energy Source of the future. In fact Rajasthan has been recently termed as among the best in the world for Solar Energy. Even other parts of India including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Prades, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Eastern Belt, Southern Belt (especially around Chennai), Northern Belt received very good to excellent Solar Energy.

★ Reduction in operational costs.

★ Improved Revenue and Plant Availability due to lesser shutdowns.

★ Competitive Edge.

★ Better Operations.

★ Enhanced Equipment Life.

★ Lesser maintenance by use of green solutions.