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Solar Energy - Facts and Figures

Solar Energy is truly the energy of the present and future.

In our endeavor to convert your Plant / Facility to high efficiency units we lay stress on Facts & Figures and strongly believe that if it can be measured it can be optimized

We first measure and then propose solutions to optimize.

Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation measures are beneficial at all levels -

  • Industrial Level : Reduced production cost means improved competitiveness.
  • National Level : Power to more houses, more people, more Industries.
  • Global Level : Reduction in Green House Emissions thereby impacting Global Warming.

Below are few of the startling and interesting facts about Solar Energy, Energy Scenario in India and in general. You may also like to visit our Blog to know more find some interesting and detailed blog posts about Solar Energy, Energy Conservation, Energy Audit etc.

Fact # 1 - Solar Energy received by Earth every hour is enough to energize all the requirements of human race for one year !

Fact # 2 - Solar Energy is one of the most greenest in nature as it has the shortest energy payback (2 to 4 years) among all the technologies.

Fact # 3 - Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency measures can wipe out Energy Deficit in India. Total Energy Saving Potential in India is 75,360 Million Units while the overall Energy Deficit is 73,090 Million Units.

Fact # 4 - Gujarat stands at 2nd position and Maharashtra at 4th position as far as the Energy Saving Potential is concerned. The potential for Energy Savings in Gujarat is 7,928 Million Units and Maharashtra is 7,757 Million Units.

Fact # 5 - Electrical Motors consume 60% of all electricity generated and account for loss of 20% of all electricity converted in mechanical energy. 1% Voltage unbalance increases motor losses by 5%.

Fact # 6 - Solar Energy is truly the energy of the future as it is practically inexhaustible.

Fact # 7 - Even a small motor of 7.5 kW consumes electricity worth 26 Lakhs in 10 years. Initial cost of a motor is only 1% of the running cost for 10 years.

Fact # 8 - Energy Saving through efficient use could be achieved at 1/5th the cost of fresh capacity creation.

Fact # 9 - India's energy intensity per GDP is higher compared to Japan, USA and Asia by 3.7 times, 1.55 times and 1.47 times respectively., which indicates highly inefficient use of energy.

Fact # 10 - India's oil and natural gas reserves may last for only 20-25 years.

Fact # 11 - Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Losses in India (33%) is one of the worst in the world.

Fact # 12 - Installed power plant capacity has to be 2.2 times the electrical load due to low plant load factor and T&D Losses.To know more interesting facts and figures subscribe to our regular mail updates by contacting us by Mail.

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