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Enerco Energy Solutions LLP

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency is of utmost importance to Industrial Plants. This is because Energy forms one of the biggest cost components and is one of the relatively easier one to control. A unit of power (kWh) saved is equivalent to 3 units of power generated considering transmission losses and other intangible factors including the effort required to generate power. Moreover energy conservation and energy efficiency is far easier to achieve than generating additional power and is one of the easiest ways to protect environment as per a EIA Report.

In its quest to achieve comforts and luxuries of life mankind has exploited Mother Earth and the Environment. Green House Gases, Global Warming, Ozone Layer are terms which were not so popular a few years back are now household terms. Fossil fuels which still lead the power generation scenario are depleting faster and are primarily responsible for environmental impact. It is only recently that Renewable Energy Sources have gained significant prominence in the Power landscape in India.

In the Indian context – where Power deficit is anyway a huge problem – Solar Energy and Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency (through Energy Audit) are playing and will continue to play a crucial role in the growth story as energy is an absolutely necessary ingredient for growth. At Enerco Energy Solutions we are a of firm belief that Energy should be judiciously used and renewable energy (especially Solar Power in Indian context) should be maximized.

Majority of the Industrial plants use a variety of raw materials with energy forming a big chunk of the controllable cost component. Energy / Power is one of the components which can be easily controlled as against other raw material costs which are primarily market-driven. Energy Optimization through Energy Audit Experts in your plant can thus have a direct impact on your profitability. Based on our studies and evaluations it is possible to save 3% to 7% on Specific Energy Consumption of a plant (depending on a variety of factors). A detailed Energy Audit by an expert Company is a sure shot way to get ahead of the competition and improve your profitability. Based on our experience a 10% saving on energy can result in 2% to 3% reduction in overall cost of production . We also have a Energy Audit case-study (downloadable PDF format) for the same in our Whitepapers and Case-Studies section .

Additionally energy saving is also possible by use of Solar Energy (Photo Voltaic PV) rooftop power projects. With ease of financing, a variety of Solar financing models are now possible such as RESCO, OPEX, BOOT, Leased i.e. 100% financed project. It is now easier than ever before to Go Solar . With improved technology and reduced cost + area requirement it is no wonder that Solar Energy is now being seriously considered as the best alternate source of clean energy. It finds use specifically in Industrial plant due to a variety of benefits it offers. You could read more about how Solar Project can help Industries in saving cost on our Solar Energy Blog .

Enerco Energy Solutions LLP (estd. 2009) specializes in Industrial Energy Saving through Energy Audit and Solar Power. We provide end-to-end services including Consultancy (Energy Audit, Solar Energy Consultancy), Financing (ESCO / RESCO / OPEX etc.) and Execution of Energy Saving and Solar Energy Power projects. Please check out our About Us section to know more about us and also download our profile.