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Services and Solutions

As the demand for basic Energy and Power keeps rising it is becoming increasingly important for mankind to look for alternative sources of energy. Primarily because fossil fuels which have so far driven the growth - especially in India - are limited and are depleting at a rapid rate. In addition to looking at Renewable Energy sources in the power mix it is also important to look at Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency as a step towards sustainability.

In Energy Optimization (Energy Conservation + Energy Efficiency) we offer Energy Audit, Express Energy Audit, Equipment specific energy audit etc. Energy Audit is the first step towards Energy Optimization. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced B.E.E. Certified & Accredited Energy Auditors, Energy Managers, Energy Engineers and Domain Experts. Based on our experience it is possible to save 8% to 15% on your Energy bills which can translate into 2% to 5% saving on production cost depending on a variety of factors. To know more visit our section on Energy Audit and Energy Saving .

In Solar Energy we are a one-stop-shop for all your Solar Energy requirements. Our services include Solar Energy Consultancy (Pre-project, Project and Post-project services), Solar Energy Project Financing (100% Financed RESCO / OPEX / BOOT, Leased financial model, Customized financial model etc.), Solar Project PRS (Performance, Reliability and Safety) Audit. You can expect to save 5% to 10% on your power bills by going Solar. The exact savings will depend on various factors such as chosen financial model, plant consumption pattern, solar project etc. To know more visit our section on Solar Energy Financing and Solar Energy Consultancy .