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Solar Energy Blog

Solar Energy Blog is the place to find all the information about Solar Energy.

We regularly update our Solar Energy Blog with the latest information, trends, view point etc. Our blog answers FAQs like What is Solar Energy? What is Solar PV? How does Solar Photo Voltaic work? What are the various Solar financing models?

What more - you could also post your comments / queries on our Posts and get others viewpoints as well. Just click on any article of your interest from below and you will be directed there.

Solar Energy Projects : Observations about installed Solar Projects - Problems & Remedies (Solar Energy Projects installed in India face performance (nearly 70%) issues which could have been avoided.)

Solar Energy Case-Study : Good design results in savings of INR 5.65 Crores for our customer (Design can make or break a Solar Project and hence maximum effort is required during planning stage to ensure optimum output from Solar Project.)

Solar Energy Project Financing : CAPEX/RESCO - which is better for you? (Solar CAPEX vs OPEX / RESCO is a comparative analysis between 2 most popular Solar Project financing models in India.)

Solar Energy - Can it boost your Company's Profit? (Solar Energy project can indeed boost a Company's profits. This is possible through savings on Electricity Bill as can be seen in the cash-flow statement.)

Solar Energy Projects - Why do they Fail?(Solar Energy Projects can fail due to a variety of reasons - technical, commercial, financing, policy etc. It is imperative to know all these aspects before the installation of a Solar Project. This post highlights the possible issues (with case-studies) which result in failure and how to avoid the issues.)

Solar Energy - Why sudden interest? (Solar Energy is witnessing a rapid growth and development in India. There is an exponentially growing interest in the same and this article talks about the primary reasons for the same.)

Solar Energy Job and Business(Solar Energy with a renewed target of 100 GW in India presents an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to enter this field or start afresh in this business.)

Solar Energy India - FAQs (Solar Energy utilization for power generation through PV Solar is an emerging concept in India. As the technology is relatively new there are several queries that interested parties have. Solar Energy FAQs.)

Solar Energy - Top 3 reasons to go solar(Solar Energy in India enjoys subsidies and incentives. 40% Accelerated depreciation and other tax benefits are additional advantages.)

Solar Energy - Is your site ready?(Solar Energy Project is initiated by first a Site Assessment including Site Study, Discussions and Report Preparation as per International Norms. This ensures a very well engineered Solar Energy project with optimum output.)

Solar Energy Training (Information about our widely acclaimed Solar Energy Training, Power Scenario in India, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, PV Solar, Solar PV Technical Analysis, Site Assessment etc.)

Solar Energy Power Project : Execution Stages (Various stages of Execution of PV Solar Power Project including Pre-project Site Feasibility and Assessment, Viability Report etc.)

Solar Energy Capacity to exceed Wind Energy? (Informative post on how and why will Solar Energy capacity in India exceed Wind Energy capacity in India).

Solar Power - 30% Subsidy in India (Government offers various subsidies and incentives on PV Solar Power Projects at both Central as well as State level. The simplest subsidy is 30% capital subsidy on PV Solar Power Projects, which is covered in this post)

Solar Energy v/s D.G. Set (Cost of power generation from D.G. set is around INR 12.0 to INR 15.0 per kWh and will continue to rise. PV Solar thus offers an excellent opporutnity to replace D.G. Set at nearly half the cost per kWh as compared to D.G. Set.)

Can a Solar Energy Power Project become Financially viable without subsidies? (In view of various subsidies and incentives for PV Solar Power Projects this post explores if a Solar Energy Power Project could become financially viable even in the absence of subsidies and incentives)

Solar Energy Report (FREE) (Our special report on Why should Indian Industrial plants opt for PV Solar Power. The report covers various unprecedented benefits that PV Solar offers over any other type of renewable technology)

Is Solar Energy the answer to India's power problems? (Power problem is not a new one in India and has been existing for several years now. This informative article explores if Solar Energy could prove to be the answer to India's ever-growing power deficit).

Solar Energy - Things to know before going Solar (Solar Energy, although quite simple to use, has several critical parameters in the design and installation of the system for optimum output. This article explores the basic awareness one should have before going Solar)

Is Solar Energy (PV) really affordable? (PV Solar does require upfront capital but the same is now reduced significantly. This informative article explores the affordability aspect of PV Solar)

Solar Energy FAQs (Answers to queries like - Can Solar Energy work across all locations in India? Can Solar Energy work without battery backup? Can Solar Energy work in the rain or foggy conditions? Does Solar Energy require a huge area? Does Solar PV rely on temperature for operations?)

What is Solar Energy (focus on Solar Photo Voltaic or Solar PV) (Answers to queries like - What is Solar Energy and what are its forms? What is PV Cell manufacturing process? How does PV Solar work?)

How and Why PV Solar scores over other Renewable Technologies? (Gives an indepth analysis of why Solar Energy is crucial for a Solar-rich Country like India. It also takes a detailed insight into why Solar Photo Voltaic is proving to be the solution of choice over all other Renewable Technologies)

Solar Energy Facts (Some interesting facts about Solar Energy which is not otherwise commonly known are covered in this post.)

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Why Solar Energy will play a crucial role in India growth story? PV Solar - TOP 5 Myths Busted (Like all other technologies, Solar Energy also faces the situation wherein lot of misconceptions or myths get developed due to lack of information. This post deals with TOP 5 Myths about Solar Energy and presents factual content about Solar Energy.)

Why Solar Energy is the way forward in India? (Gives an overview of Indian Power Scenario, Global fossil fuel scenario and Indian dependence on Fossil Fuel, How is the Renewable Energy Industry taking shape in India especially Solar Energy - which is the obvious choice for a Solar-rich Country like India)