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Solar Energy Consultancy includes Expert Guidance and Advisory Services regarding Technology, Commercial and Policy aspects of a PV Solar Project. Success of any project depends on understanding the Techno-Commercial viability of the Project.

What is Solar Energy Consultancy?

Practically everything about Solar Energy in general and Solar Photo Voltaic in particular. Solar PV, although relatively new in India, is widely used globally to generate power. In fact Germany which does not receive adequate Solar radiation is the leading generator of Solar Power through Solar PV.

India, a Solar-rich Nation, will not take long to realize the true potential of Solar Energy. Solar Energy needs to be harnessed and is truly the answer to India's power problems. Although Solar alone could not be the solution, but PV Solar wll certainly contribute in a very big way to solve the Nation's Power and Energy related problems.

It is imperative to first understand about the necessary facts of Solar PV before executing the project. Our Solar Consultancy Package including Technical and Advisory Services is a critical step in that direction.

As part of our Solar Energy Consultancy Package, we attempt to get you the answers to the following queries :

1. What exactly is Solar PV technology and how does it work?

2. What are the various technologies in Solar PV and which is the most suitable for my site?

3. How much capacity could be installed at my site and challenges associated with each installation, if any.

4. How much output can I expect in terms of kWh per month and kWh per annum for PV Solar Installation?

5. Is my location ideally located for Solar Power? (In general 90% of the Country is suitably located to utilize Solar Energy, the output may vary from one location to another).

6. What will be the cost of installation of a PV Solar system and payback period.

7. What are the various Government incentives and subsidies? Will my project be eligible for these subsidies?

8. Debunk popular myths and miconceptions about Solar Power including working in cloudy or foggy conditions, battery operations, grid synchronization etc.

Further a detailed Pre-Project Report is prepared post visit which forms the basis of all future discussions. Our widely acclaimed Solar Energy Training Programme is also carried out during this phase.

Why Solar Energy Consultancy?

Contrary to the popular belief, PV Solar installation is not just connecting wires to the invertor. There is tremendous engineering involved. This engineering and design aspects are well considered earlier in the project lifecycle for optimum output and better returns from the project.

In short, Solar Energy Consultancy ensures you get the most optimum performance from your plant - both technically and commercially.

This is achieved as follows :

1. Technology Selection : There are various types of PV module technologies - primarily categorized as Crystalline and Thin Film. Each technology has further types of sub-technologies and its pros and cons. One technology maybe better suited for a location over the other. Finally the output kWh depends on the technology selected for your project based on the location.

2. Location Survey + Simulation : Advanced Simulation Software is available for designing the system considering various parameters for a location. This simulation needs to be done at an early stage i.e. in the Consultancy Phase.

3. Engineering and Design : Tilt Angles, Input Vdc to Invertor, String sizing etc. form an important component.

4. Technical Specifications : Of the entire project and all equipment including PV Module, Invertor, Mounting Structure, Cable layout planning etc.

5. Durability and Reliability : Life of a typical PV Solar Project is about 25 years. To ensure durability of theproject and reliability of operations during the long-life of the project, it is advisable to design a robust system.

Thus Solar Energy Consultancy forms is the most critical Stage of Execution of a PV Solar Project.

To know more about Solar Energy, Solar Energy Consultancy, Solar PV Project etc. please drop us a mail on and we will be glad to assist.