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Solar Energy Consultancy

Solar Energy is a complex subject - easier to implement but difficult to understand the detailing part including Technology, Commercials, Financing and Regulatory Govt. policies. Our services and solutions in Solar Energy Consultancy includes Expert Guidance and Advisory Services regarding various aspects of a Solar Energy Project. Success of any Solar Energy project depends on understanding the viability of the Project and making an informed decision. This is important considering that a Solar Energy project has a life of 20+ years.

Why Solar Energy Consultancy?

Solar Energy specifically PV Solar has been active in India since 2010 and is gaining momentum with every year since then. As on 31st March 2019 approximately 28 GW (28,000 MW) cumulative Solar installation has been done in India so far which includes Utility + Rooftop. Majority of these installations have been on Utility scale but that situation is slowly changing as rooftop projects are becoming increasing viable. The utility scale projects consists of big players which either have a good experience or hire external experts to ensure project quality and execution timeliness. However the rooftop space has several players with new and experienced players alike. It is thus no surprise that majority (nearly 70%) of such projects are generating lesser than designed or expected power. Also many projects are stuck up due to delay in financial closures., primarily BOOT / OPEX projects.

We carried out a study of 50+ Solar Energy installations across India and identified several issues. The key points observed during the study of Installed Solar Energy Projects are :

  1. Technical issues with engineering and design aspects leading to performance issues.
  2. Lack of technical due-diligence resulting in performance issues (including vendor selection, technology suitability, factory visits, material handling etc.).
  3. Site related issues primarily with respect to shadow analysis, weather conditions, roof strength etc.
  4. Limited information on availability of various financial models available leading to re-financing or off-taker dissatisfaction and even re-negotiation.
  5. OPEX / RESCO PPAs not properly framed considering all possible future scenarios including (but not limited to) technology upgradations.
  6. Operation and Maintenance not effectively carried out resulting in lesser than possible generation.
  7. Lack of Safety measures which may not directly impact output but can challenge project durability and longevity.

Major issues observed :

  1. Selection of technology which may not be suitable as per site conditions.
  2. Absence of a domain expert within the plant team to ensure project quality and viability.
  3. Little or no due-diligence carried out before finalizing project.
  4. Lack of awareness about financial models and variety of technologies.
  5. Impact of a variety of techno-commercial parameters.
  6. Project delays.
  7. Framing of legal contracts.

As can be seen in the following sub-section how the following 4 areas have evolved viz. Technology, Commercials, Financials and Govt. policies.

  1. Improved PV modules – variety of technologies + introduction of new technologies + enhanced capacities + ongoing R&D.
  2. Enhanced efficiency of Inverters for better generation.
  3. Advent of newer monitoring and trouble-shooting systems.
  4. Enhanced engineering and design practices.
  1. Falling cost of PV modules and other components
  2. Tier-1 Companies vs non-standard
  1. Ease of financing with a variety of financial models
  2. Improving IRR or RoI
Govt. Policies
  1. Moving from subsidies to self-sufficient units by allowing net-metering
  2. Single window clearance (some States)
  3. Tax benefits such as 40% Accelerated Depreciation

Going for a Solar Energy Photo Voltaic Project is a strategic decision as the project has a life of 25 years. There are tremendous opportunities in the Solar field but dynamic market requires constant monitoring by an expert before making this strategic decision and during the project execution. It is thus imperative for a Company to engage a professional consultant or a consultancy firm to ensure Project quality, reliability, longevity and durability.

Enerco offers Solar Energy Consultancy at 3 levels -

  • A. Pre-project Solar Energy Consultancy

  • B. Solar Energy Project Consultancy

  • C. Post-project Solar Energy Consultancy (Solar Project PRS Audit + O&M)

Practically everything about Solar Energy in general and Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) in particular. Solar PV, although relatively new in India, is widely used globally to generate power. In fact Germany which does not receive adequate Solar radiation is the leading generator of Solar Power through Solar PV.

India, a Solar-rich Nation, is now waking up and will not take long to realize the true potential of Solar Energy. Solar Energy needs to be harnessed and is truly the answer to India's power problems of power deficit and sustainability with growth. Although Solar Energy alone could not be the solution, but PV Solar will certainly contribute in a very big way to solve the Nation's Power and Energy related problems.

A. Pre-project Solar Energy Consultancy (Solar DPR, TEFR)

Understanding about your Solar Energy project before actual execution is of utmost importance. This considering that going Solar is a strategic decision as Solar Energy project has a life of 20+ years. Majority of the decision making like technology, project sizing, financial model are to be taken BEFORE PROJECT EXECUTION or PLANNING. Our Pre-project Solar Energy Consultancy Package including Technical and Advisory Services is a critical step in that direction.

As part of our Solar Energy Consultancy Package, we attempt to get you the answers to the following queries :

  1. What exactly is Solar Energy Photo Voltaic (PV) technology and how does it work?
  2. What are the various technologies in Solar PV and which is the most suitable for my site?

  3. How much capacity could be installed at my site and challenges associated with each installation, if any.
  4. How much output can I expect in terms of kWh per month and kWh per annum for PV Solar Installation?
  5. Is my location ideally located for Solar Power? (In general 90% of the Country is suitably located to utilize Solar Energy, the output may vary from one location to another).
  6. What will be the cost of installation of a PV Solar system and payback period.
  7. What are the various Government incentives and subsidies? Will my project be eligible for these subsidies?
  8. Debunk popular myths and miconceptions about Solar Power including working in cloudy or foggy conditions, battery operations, grid synchronization etc.

The study concludes with a detailed Solar Energy Report either a DPR (Detailed Project Report) or a TEFR (Techno-Economic Feasibility / Viability Report) which is prepared after the visit and forms the basis of all future decision making. Our widely acclaimed Solar Energy Training Programme is also carried out during the visit phase. To know why a Solar TEFR is necessary understand the difference between a Free Solar energy report and a TEFR by downloading our Guide - FREE Solar Energy Study vs Enerco TEFR !

Our typical Pre-project Solar Energy Consultancy includes -
  1. Technology Selection : There are various types of PV module technologies - primarily categorized as Crystalline and Thin Film. Each technology has further types of sub-technologies and its pros and cons. One technology maybe better suited for a location over the other. Finally the output kWh depends on the technology selected for your project based on the location.
  2. Solar Energy Financing : Solar Energy project viability depends largely on financing. This is one important factor that can make or break the Solar Energy Project. To know more about how financing impacts a Solar Energy project please do check out our section on Solar Energy Financing . It is necessary to know about various Solar Energy Financing models before making an informed decision about the Solar Energy financial model that works inline with your Company's strategic goals and objectives.
  3. Location Survey + Simulation : Advanced Simulation Software is available for designing the system considering various parameters for a location. This simulation needs to be done at an early stage i.e. in the Consultancy Phase.
  4. Engineering and Design : Tilt Angles, Input Vdc to Invertor, String sizing etc. form an important component.

  5. Technical Specifications : Of the entire project and all equipment including PV Module, Invertor, Mounting Structure, Cable layout planning etc.
  6. Durability and Reliability : Life of a Solar Energy Project is about 25 years. To ensure durability of the project and reliability of operations during the long-life of the project, it is advisable to design a robust system.

Thus Pre-project Solar Energy Consultancy forms the most critical Stage in the Execution of a Solar Energy Project.

(Read about how a Solar Energy expert Company can assist you and avoid Solar Energy Project failures in our blog post - Solar Energy Projects - Why do they fail? )

To know more please drop us a mail on and we will be glad to assist.

B. Solar Energy Project Consultancy (Owner's Engineers)

Solar Energy Project execution takes place in phases. It is important to keep a tab on the project execution as the Solar Energy project progresses. Hand-holding by a Solar Energy expert company goes a long way in ensuring project performance, durability, longevity and reliability.

Enerco will carry out the following Scope of Work in a systematic way during this phase of consultancy -
  1. Preparing Tendering Document including Techno-Commercial specifications of the make, payment terms, scope, timelines etc.
  2. Conducting pre-bid meeting.
  3. Inviting bids and shortlisting of Contractors.
  4. Assisting the off-taker Company with checking past experience of the shortlisted bidders including visit to installations.
  5. Assisting the off-taker Company and actively getting involved in negotiation process with the shortlisted bidders.
  6. Finalising Contract terms and conditions to protect the interest of the off-taker Company while ensuring quality and cost parameters.
  7. Safeguarding the off-taker Company interest for Techno-Commercial compliance from concept to completion.
  8. Monitoring Project Progress and updating the off-taker Company.
  9. Highlighting any discrepancies, issues, concerns with regards to project quality, timelines, safety and costing to the off-taker Company on a timely basis.
  10. Guiding the off-taker Company on Govt. requirements with respect to Net-metering, CEI approvals etc.
  11. De-bottlenecking Project progress by suggesting ideal solution.
  12. Any additional work as maybe deemed necessary during the course of project.

Solar Energy Project Execution stages

Solar Energy Project Execution Stages

To know more about Solar Energy Project Execution stages please check out our blog post about the same - Solar Energy Project Execution Stages .

C. Post-project Solar Energy Consultancy (Solar Project PRS Audit + O&M)

Solar Energy Consultancy for an installed Project consists of PRS (Performance, Reliability and Safety) Audit of your installed Solar Energy Project. It includes visual inspections, physical measurements (IV-Curve, Thermography, Electroluminiscence etc.), observations, data analysis and report submission along with recommendations to improve overall project performance, reliability and safety.

Solar Energy PRS Audit scope consists of -

Solar Energy Plant Audit Scope such as Drone Thermography, IV Curve Testing, Electroluminescence

Solar Energy Plant Audit Scope such as Drone Thermography, IV Curve Testing, Electroluminescence

Benefits of Solar Energy Audit (PRS Audit) -

Solar Energy Audit benefits such as improved generation or output, enhanced reliability and safer operations

Solar Energy Audit (PRS Audit) Benefits to your Project

To know more about how Enerco can assist you with improving the generation or output of your Solar Energy Project by Solar Energy Audit please contact us through the Contact Form or by emailing us on