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Why Photo Voltaic Solar

Solar Energy is popularly used to refer to Solar Power Projects as well. Solar Power Projects which use Light Energy of Solar Energy are known as Photo Voltaic Solar Power Projects. PV Solar has various advantages as compared to conventional power plants and infact PV Solar also counts much higher than other Green Energy Technologies. In fact PV Solar also has certain distinct advantages over Solar Energy Thermal Power Plants.

With reducing price of PV Solar Technology the cost of Power generation from PV Solar has considerably come down. This can be seen the graph below which gives a comparison of cost of power from D.G. Set vs Grid Power vs Solar Power.

PV Solar has definite benefits over fossil fuel power generation and also over other renewable energy technologies (including Wind, Biomass, Hydro etc.). In fact PV Solar also scores above other type of Solar Energy i.e. Solar Thermal in the Power generation space.

Some of the benefits of Photo Voltaic Solar over other renewable technologies are :

(a) Photo Voltaic Solar is maintenance-free and hence has nearly zero operational cost - an advantage which no other technology can offer.

(b) Photo Voltaic Solar is highly modular and scalable and hence can be installed from a few kW to MW range.

(c) It is non-hazardous. Even large-scale Photo Voltaic Solar Power Projects can be closer to human habitat. Large-scale Wind installations cannot be installed closer to human habitat.

(d) Generation load proximity ensures nearly zero transmission losses - a very big challenge for India with around 30% ATC (aka T&D) Losses.

(e) Photo Voltaic Solar is tryly green in nature with a very short energy payback of 2-4 years depending on the technology.

(f) It does not require water to operate - a distinct advantage over Solar Thermal Power.

(g) A Solar Photo Voltaic Power Project has a typical life of 25-30 years.